An Illustrated Guide to Tango
Personal memoir in works
We have to start somewhere and I decided Danube Floodplains are a great place.  This section of Danube is a magical place which almost ceased to exist, due to the big plans for a Gabčíkovo–Nagymaros dams

“The horse knew exactly what she was doing. She’d walked this path a hundred times, and she had no more interest in tumbling to her death than I had. She didn’t need me to tell her what to do, and, in fact, the few times I tried to tell her what to do she didn’t much seem to care. I had gotten it all so wrong because I had spent the previous ten years driving cars, not horses. Cars go over edges unless you tell them not to.”

Jonathan Haidt, The Happiness Hypothesis

What does Tango has to do with anything?  Well for starters, it is a great metaphor. 
As I mentioned, I will likely start with Danube floodplains.
Who knows maybe you will learn a little bit about tango.
We all need some satisfying ending.
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